The firm’s partners, Fernando Tardioli Lima and Renato Tardioli Lima, were also named among the most admired attorneys in the country in two separate categories. The publication surveyed legal executives and industry officials from 2,000 of the largest companies in Brazil

Fernando and Renato Tardioli Lima have yet to reach age 40, and already boast an impressive "track record in law". In 2018 alone, the firm they run along with partner Andréia Viola played a significant role in some of the most complex cases underway in Brazil. These procedures include Judicial Recovery, collections of considerable sums of money, land disputes for the leading players in domestic agribusiness and businesses involving retail and franchising. They were also active in prominent corporate operations alongside major tax and succession planning.

Growing year by year – not just in cases and people, but in strategic results as well – the Tardioli Lima firm has been acclaimed, for the second consecutive year, as one of the most admired in Brazil. This recognition came out of a survey conducted by Análise Advocacia 500, which, for twelve years, poll legal executives and industry officials from the largest companies in Brazil to conduct a ranking in various sectors. In the current edition, 2,000 companies and financial institutions were surveyed and asked to note lawyers and law offices in 19 categories. The Tardioli Lima members was ranked as one of the most admired in the category 'Specialized Civil'.

Renato Tardioli also appears, for the first time, among the most admired lawyers in Brazil. The attorney, who supervises the Corporate Law department at the firm, was cited as one of the most admired in the education sector.

Fernando Tardioli has appeared in the publication for the second consecutive year. The lawyer was named in two of the annual publication’s categories: Civil and Education. In addition, he is also among the most admired attorneys in the state of São Paulo, another classification indicated by the survey.


Fernando Tardioli Lima is an attorney, General Counsel of the Board of the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF); Legal Vice President of the World Franchise Council (WFC); General Counsel of the Ibero-American Franchise Federation (FIAF); Member of the Superior Council of Administration of the Brazilian Association of Mangalarga Horse Breeders; Lecturer in the areas of Commercial Law, Labor Law, Business Law and Civil Proceedings; Writer with articles and reviews published in a number of periodicals, newspapers, magazines and specialized websites, including Franchise & Business magazine and Safra magazine.


Renato Tardioli Lima is an attorney and General Counsel of the Brazilian Association of Mangalarga Horse Breeders. He is a Legal Director at several companies operating in retail, franchising, education and health, with a degree from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). A specialist in Corporate Law, he practices in the areas of Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Estate Planning and Tax Law.