Competition law

Tardioli Lima Advogados works on competition cases providing full support to clients in assessing operations and making strategic decisions in situations that may represent a conduct that violates the economic order defined by Law 12,529/2011 and current legislation.

Practicing in all facets of competition law, with support from the firm's other areas of activity in business law, the work includes:

  • Advising on the study and development of commercial and corporate structures and specialized due diligence;
  • Supporting clients in asset and liability notifications;
  • Interacting with competition authorities and regulatory agencies in connection with mergers, acquisitions, contracts or other forms of consolidation or economic concentration and control;
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing terms of commitment in structural control processes;
  • Providing defense in anti-competitive investigations (cartels, abuse of dominant position, exclusionary practices, vertical restrictions, underselling and others;
  • Defending the client's interests at the administrative and judicial level in third-party claims related to mergers;
  • Defending the client's interests in private and public lawsuits seeking compensation for damages caused by possible anti-competitive practices;