Family and Sucessions

Widely regarded as one of the most delicate areas in the legal field, Family and Succession law often involves issues that bring about emotional and psychological distress to the parties. As such, it demands sensitivity, experience, vocation and proactivity in conducting and resolving the actual case by the attorney in charge.

The appropriate guidance for the parties, combined with a broad expertise of the law, allows us to work efficiently and effectively in the advisory and litigation realm, providing the client with elements for strategic decision-making on the following topics:

  • Alimony (application, review, exoneration and execution);
  • Marriage (property regime and prenuptial agreement);
  • Divorce;
  • Donation;
  • Custody and setting visitation rights for minors;
  • Interdiction;
  • Family and succession planning;
  • Inventory and probate;
  • Parentage (adoption and paternity investigation);
  • Preliminary injunction for the listing of assets (small-estate probate);
  • Preliminary injunction for separation of goods (separation from bed and board);
  • Division of property;
  • Wills;
  • Guardianship;
  • Stable union/Common-law marriage (recognition and dissolution).